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From: zobier
Date: Jan 3rd 2007, 00:03 EST
Subject: transcription/analysis

The ciphertext starts with a series of repeating alternating tones having a predominant frequency. The frequencies given are approximate as are the timings (there are slight variations ~+-5% in the timings that may encode additional information but I have ignored them for now). This is followed by a series of spoken digits and words approximately every 1s. Then there is series of repeating alternating tones similar to the first (but with a looser timing tolerance ~+-10%). Finally is a sequence of what appears to be the same sample (with the timbre of a horn) played at two pitches (around F#5 and A4) of ~50ms duration every 160ms in groups separated by a larger interval of around 300ms; below I have designated the higher note with an _, the lower with a . and placed a space in the larger intervals. It may also be of interest to view the recording with a spectrum analyser as there are some interesting artefacts that may warrant further investigation.

(2600Hz 4ms, 630Hz 14ms) x 28 (870Hz 50ms, 220Hz 200ms) x 2
7 2 freedom 9 5 destiny fortune 0 9 burn 6 3 5 2 0 1 7 daniel 9 birth 0 1 facile 4 5 anger 5 1 destroy 6 6 entertain annoy 9 enemy 3 4 chief excrement final 6 baby 4 armament candy 9 8 8
(630Hz 6.6ms, 180Hz 18ms) x 14 (1840Hz 6.6ms, 465Hz 26.6ms) x 6 (630Hz 6.6ms, 180Hz 18ms) x 11
--.-......-..--.-....-...-- -......-.....-- -.....-.......-- -......-....-- -.......- --.-....-..--.-.....-.--.-......-....--

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