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Crack the code and win $100 for the charity of your choice

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Pick up your telephone and dial (202)386-6909. Whoa... what does this coded message say? Be the first to crack the code and post the correct answer here, and you'll win the charity of your choice $100. Careful, though, it's much, much harder than it seems. You're going to need to work with plenty of smart friends on this project to crack the code.

This code has been created and hosted by Cerbumi.org in order to foster the development of the Cerbumi concept and provide an opportunity for fun. There's absolutely nothing about the code that's related to any sort of government agency or other conspiracy-grade nonsense.

Sound like fun? Join Cerbumi.org today and start participating!

If you're already a Cerbumi.org member, join this project and participate in cracking the code!


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02:34 EST
Re: [code-cracker] Re: further thoughts - chrisgagne
V, I can help by advising that the hexadecimal string is closest to the next step. Chris Gagne On Apr 9, 2007, at...
02:08 EST
Re: further thoughts - Veeyawn
A quick conversion as you typed it gives us: Decimal: 114 249 93 240 155 99 82 1 125 155 1 244 90 81 214 110 169 227...
07:53 EST
Re: transcription/analysis - chrisgagne
It would be of use to note that the words and numbers section of this transcript is 100% accurate. I've not reviewed...
07:32 EST
further thoughts - zobier
As the words in the ciphertext all start with the letters a-f (and the notes at the end are also A & F#), I'm inclined...
05:03 EST
transcription/analysis - zobier
The ciphertext starts with a series of repeating alternating tones having a predominant frequency. The frequencies...

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